Square Silver Cufflinks
Square Silver Cufflinks
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Square Silver Cufflinks

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    Inside measurments:

    Lenghth:   6 cm 

    Hight:  2 cm

    Width:   2 cm

    Outside Material:  Suede

    inside material:   Lienen

    Product: Cufflinks

    Material: 925 Sterling Silver

    Printing: Laser Printing On

    The 925 sterling silver cufflinks, the initials of the name are produced by handwriting characters. A gift card can be printed with a special message and a gift package is made in a velvet box.

    When you have an order, enter the letters you want on cufflinks in the letters box and wrtie the message you want to send to the gift card.

    Sample Letters: "CM" Gift Card Message: I Love You

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